Looking for something to personalize your space? Then you are at the right place.

Most of the rugs that we make are custom commissions.
All commission orders are made with 100% acrylic yarn and are handmade.
This means that no rug is the same, and this makes each rug unique.

Because the rugs are hand tufted, it takes multiple days to get a finished product. For example: (re)drawing the design, making the rug, drying time and finishing the rugs. We strive to deliver the product within 3-4 weeks. This will depend on how busy we are. If it takes longer, we will reach out to you.


You can fill in the form below for a custom commission

Please describe your idea as detailed as possible, and provide a good quality image.
Also look at the example at the bottom of the form (for possibilities).


    Last name*


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    Idea and Image: upload here (pdf or jpg max 2mb)


    Size (minimum size of the rug: 50 cm x 50 cm. Maximum size (+/-): 180 cm x 140 cm)


    Once the form is completed, you will be contacted about the price and possibilities of the rug. The price may vary because of the design of the rug. When we agree on the design and price, you will receive an in-voice. After we received the payment, you will be put on the commission list (payment is non-refundable).