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Need something to brighten up your living room, bedroom or office, for example? Rugs are perfect for boosting your space! The rug is made of 100% acrylic yarn and is hand tufted. You can place the rug on the floor, but since they are handmade and also a piece of art, you can also choose to hang it on the wall.

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  • Approximate rug size: length 80 cm x width 60 cm
  • Made with 100% acrylic yarn
  • Wall rug
  • Hand tufted rug
  • Carved
  • Back of the rug: felt without anti-slip
  • Indoor use only

Rug care

  • Place in low traffic area to keep it clean and to make it last longer!
  • Use a low power vacuum cleaner to clean the rug. This way you ensure that the yarn stays nice and that the yarn is not pulled out.
  • There will always be some yarn that comes loose, but don’t keep pulling on it. This should not be a problem, as long as you don’t keep picking at it and use the rug in the right way.
  • Avoid spills on the rug. If a spill occurs, it should be blotted immediately. Do not rub the stain.
  • If some threads of the yarn are sticking out, trim this with scissors. Do not pull the yarn!
  • Do not use the rug in wet or damp environments.


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